New blog on the block.

ImageI am Jillian Marie – wife to a medical student, teacher in training, crafter extrordinaire and I live in Vancouver BC. I have been crafting and DIY’ing for the last year and it has become a passion. People suggested I start a blog but the timing never felt right – that was until the idea came to team up with my sister-in law!

I am Rebecca Janelle – wife to a dental student, guest service rep, fashionista extraordinaire, and I live in Cairns Australia. I have a history of working in the fashion world and have always had an obsessive love for it. I guess it’s just that giddy feeling I get when I find a new precious treasure to add to my collection, that does it for me. I’m so thrilled to start a blog with my partner in crime, Jillian Marie. Her creativity amazes me and I’m sure it will do the same for you!


Brought together by brothers, we have become best of friends as sister-in-laws over the last few years.  But the brothers that brought us together have taken us apart…for the time being.   At the beginning of this year, Rebecca Janelle and her hubby moved to a far away land, Cairns Australia, for his dental program. Seperated by a million miles, we are determined to stay close, connected, and to keep busy while our other halves’ brains are in their books. We look forward to inspiring each other and YOU!!

So this is our baby that expands across the world, in opposite seasons and VERY different time zones.


Marie Janelle


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