Bracelet Bliss…


 This is a bracelet that caught my eye on Pinterest awhile back and I have been making different variations of it ever since.  Although there are many tutorials out there for this bracelet, I thought that it would be easy for my friends, family and followers to learn it here from me.  This project takes no time at all!  I recommend working on it while watching TV – I absolutely love crafting while watching a show…like The Bachelorette (did I just say that out loud?!)

Here is what you need:

– thread – I recommend buying Dual Duty Plus for Button and Carpet for it’s strength.

-leather rope – I buy it per meter at my local bead shop.  For this triple wrap bracelet I used 110 cm of leather.  For our American friends that is 43.3 inches 🙂

– a needle

-a button for the closure – I ended up using one that is not pictured.

– pearls or beads of your choice.  For this bracelet I chose to alternate 3 different shades of pearls.


Start by threading your needle (please note you will need a lot of thread…and I mean A LOT, don’t be shy).  Take the knot of your thread and tie it in with your leather making a loophole knot as seen above.


It makes the work so much easier to have it fastened to a hard surface, my clip is on a binder.  You are going to take the thread and figure 8 it back and forth over the and under the two strands of leather, to start it out.  Do this approx 10 times.


Next you thread a bead on, and take the thread over the right leather strand, back under, and over the left leather strand.  Again, you are figure 8’ing the beads into place.  The first time I made this bracelet I pulled the thread really tight, which caused the bracelet to curve to the right.  Just know that you don’t need to pull too tight, just keep the beads centred between the leather.

In the photo above you can see that the thread is about to go over the right leather cord, under the middle and over the left leather thread, then it is time to add your next bead.


Keep adding beads and measuring on your wrist until it wraps comfortably around it three times.  Keep in mind you can also make a single wrap, double wrap, really the options are endless!

Once your bracelet is long enough, you will take the thread and again do approx 10 figure 8’s to secure the end of the bracelet.

Not pictured, but you can thread the button through the loose leather and secure it with a knot or two.  I also use crazy glue on my knots just to ensure that they will not unravel.


And there ya have it!

I love looking down at this lovely homemade piece of arm candy as I type away…and I hope you do too!!


Jillian Marie


5 thoughts on “Bracelet Bliss…

  1. So cute Jill! My girls and I are going to make one today! Can’t wait for more posts from your amazing self:) Treena

  2. Such a great idea !! So glad mine came by special courier, love,love it !! Chatted to a friend on the weekend, her and her daughter are making one !! xoxo

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