The timing couldn’t have been better.  My husband wrote his last exam on Thursday, and it was my 27th birthday the next day! I can now say that I am married to a half doctor, and I couldn’t be more proud!  A little tradition that I have started is to make him a congratulations sign after each year he has completed.  I think that if ‘sign making’ was the 6th love language, it would definitely be up there for me.  I get this quality from my mother.  She makes a sign for everything – Airport arrivals, high school basketball games and events – if she is really excited a cow bell is also present.


The day of my birthday I had been planning for weeks.  I knew I would have my hubby all to myself and really wanted to get out of the house and spend some time exploring our city together.  Even though he was insanely busy right up until my birthday, he still picked up the groceries to make me breakfast in bed.  3 years in a row he has done this for me, and I love that it has become a tradition.  We then headed out and spent the whole day exploring.  We hit up all of the thrift stores my little heart desired, and let me tell you, this is a labour of love for my husband – he thinks they have a smell.  I have no idea what he is talking about!?!  the books and knobs pictured above are my amazing finds!  I have been looking for knobs in order to make a jewellery display and the vintage books are also something that have been on my ‘thrift store shopping list’.   We ended the night a the Salt Tasting Room in Gastown (which I highly recommend).  It was the perfect end to the perfect day together.


The day after I had my nails done (a gift from a friend) and got my make-up done, which included some fun false lashes and very red lips.  It was fun to get pampered before I headed out with a great group of friends and family!


I picked up this lovely dress during the date day with my husband.  Rebecca had given me a monetary gift and told me to spend it on whatever I choose.  I fell in love with this dress and knew I had to buy it and use the money from Rebecca for it.  It made me feel like she was part of the evening, even though she was so far away.


Saturday ended with a group of my close friends and family out for dinner at a restaurant on Granville Island.  We couldn’t have picked a better location and the weather was incredible.  I felt so loved being surrounded by these amazing people, and will never forget this birthday – well birth-weekend, where I rang in the big 2-7.


Jillian Marie


4 thoughts on “Birth-weekend

  1. Hey Jill! We’ll have LOTS to celebrate together on June 7th, eh?? Birthdays, a Half-Way Doctor!! Yay!! Looking forward to being with you 🙂 Would you like to come here first? Or would you prefer to meet us there 🙂 Up to you. Your call.
    I’ll be giving you guys Matt’s Mom’s suitcase along with a small bag with two gifts in it for her . . . all for when you go up to Kelowna in July. Sound all right?

  2. I may have shed a tear reading this….SO bummed to have missed your special day hun! But…so glad you had a wonderful time celebrating – you deserve it! Btw…love the nails :), the dress, the make-up/lashes, everything – you look GOOD girl! Wishing you an amazing year ahead. At this time next year I’ll have a full dentist hubby, and you’ll have a 3/4 doctor! YAY!!!!! Love to you!

  3. So glad you could celebrate with such great friends !! Such a fun weekend, perfect timing with Matt done his exams !! Yay ….love the dress ……..maybe a possible hand-me-across in a few years ???

  4. A cow bell you say ???? Yes, I might have pulled it out from time to time, it has such a loud crisp sound !! gets your attention like nothing else !!

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