A Trixie Treat

Hey guys,

It is not often that I come across a trick such as this, but when I do I get down right tickled!

For those who know me, you know that I love little tricks that can make my wardrobe expand using the same items I already have – RECYCLE! (Jordan also likes it when I do this…but for more monetary…”practical” reasons).

I am here to teach you my new scarf trick I learned while I was perusing through Sportsgirl a while back. I LOVE Sportsgirl these days. I feel inspired each time I walk out of that store. There is an employee who works there who is the coolest cat and everything she wears is just so….perfect! I saw this “vest” on one of the mannequins in front of the store and fell in love. When I asked where this “vest” was, she told me that it was not a vest…in fact, it was a SCARF! Shut Up!!! She taught me how to tie a large horizontal scarf just right so as to transform it into a vest in a matter of seconds!

Here’s your typical scarf.


Now here’s how you transform it.

Stretch out your scarf.


Fold the scarf in half, lengthwise.


Rotate the scarf so fold is on the bottom and grab the top two corners.

Next, tie the top two corners in a knot, and then again.

You will notice that your scarf has formed an oval shape, like the second pic down.

Separate the scarf into three sections. These will be your sleeves.



Sling it over your shoulders……


And abracadabra – there you have it!!


There will be a knot at the back of your neck. You can either adjust the knot and safety pin behind the extra material which is too much work for me, so I suggest just wearing your hair down to hide it.

Also, you may be thinking…”hmmm…it looks nice, but I feel like it would look too frumpy on me.” Well, here’s the solution for YOU!! Simply add a belt. If you’re going more casual, a skinny belt would do the trick, or if you want to glam it up like I did, you can add a statement belt to show off that tiny waist of yours!



I just used my midnight blue horse scarf for an example, however I think other colors and patterns (leopard/floral- HELLO) would be SO fun! I hope you like my trixie treat and I’d love to hear how yours turns out too! So let me know.

Rebecca Janelle



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