I wood…

I am working on a random collage in my living room with different pieces that I have made (I will post the wall and various DIY’s when it is complete !!).  I had this one gaping hole and really needed something unique and fun to fill it with.  My good friend and former roommate over at domestic ingenuity is who brought this amazing picture transfer to my attention! As soon as she showed me the video on how to do it I knew it would be the perfect project to fill in the hole.  So this is my tutorial on how to transfer a normal, everyday, printed-from-your-inkjet-computer picture onto a piece of WOOD!!!! It is scary easy and the results are so vintage and fun!


So here is what you need:

– A piece of wood. I bought mine at Michaels for about $2.99.  You want to make sure that you pick the smoothest piece you can find, as the ink does not really soak into any crevasses.

– A picture printed off of your computer.  I have only tried black and white and they have worked gloriously.

Note:  The only word of advice is if you are trying to cut the cost of printing (ahem, like some husbands I know) and switch the printing to ‘greyscale’ rather than using black and white ink, your picture will not turn out as bold and frankly, just won’t really work.  So edit the pics to black and white and then print.

– Gel Medium.  Because I am not an artist in the least, this product was foreign to me.  You can find it at your local Michaels for around $20.00.  Seems steep I know, but two things. 1) Michaels ALWAYS has a 40% off coupon and 2) You can make A LOT of woody pictures from this one little tub.  So share with your friends, or make a mural, all for only 20 bucks!

– A paintbrush

– Mod Podge (I just realized as I wrote this out that it is called MOD podge, not MODGE podge, which i have been calling it for years…anyone else with me on that one?!)


First I traced around my picture to the size of the wood.  I ended up using the back of the wood because I wasn’t really into the beveled edge on the front.


This is a pic from our engagement shoot in 2008.  Such a great memory and I am so excited to have it displayed in my house in such a unique way!


Ok back to the project…You will take your paintbrush and dip it generously into the gel medium.  Cover the surface spreading it evenly.  My $0.99 brush was a little broken which is why I am holding it so funny…gotta love the last minute bin buys at Michaels!!


Next you are going to place your picture on the wood face down and smooth it onto the wood.  Try to eliminate any bubbles that might occur and just slowly and gently press the paper down.

Then go to bed.

For real.

You need to leave it to dry for one night and then we are ready to move on to the next step.  So easy right?!?


The next morning, after a good coffee and some Good Morning America, wet down a rag or dishcloth.  You will rub the rag over the picture until the paper starts to soften from the moisture.


Next, if you can get past how freakishly long my fingers look in the picture above, take your fingers and start to do some circular motions over the picture, the paper will begin to slowly but surely rub off like you can see above.  Rub it and keep adding water if you find it is drying out until all of the paper is removed.


The last and final step is to take your MOD podge and seal the picture. I chose a Matte finish and am SO happy with the results.


Voila!!  A picture of us kissing on wood.  I can just imagine the possibilities and ways to use up the rest of my Gel Medium.  You should give it a try!!  I wood.


Jillian Marie


6 thoughts on “I wood…

  1. Hey Jill, this was a great post. Your pics are great and you’re funny too! I’m sure I’ll be back to read more. thx

  2. Your blog showed up on my newsfeed and what a lovely blog it is to stumble upon! You and Rebecca have great ideas! I will likely be returning to check on your crafting in the future… while looking for some inspiration myself!

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