Top-Urban Outfitters / Skirt-Miss Shop from Myers / Clutch-Jessica Simpson (gift from mother-dear *hugs*) / Shoes-Steve Madden / Bracelet-Forever 21

It’s been cooling down around here quite nicely which makes me happy because I LOVE fall fashion. Although the high is still 25 degrees (celcius) it makes me feel excited knowing that I can get away with wearing fall/winter clothing. Well, to a certain extent of course. I purchased this maxi skirt at Myers as one of my birthday gifts a few months ago. I can’t get enough of it!

I had always said my least favorite color is burgundy, but I think it’s because I over-wore a burgundy velvet (yucky) top when I was at the insecure age of 15 and said “never again.” However, look at this skirt…how could I resist? This is burgundy done right.

Face-wise, I love going dark and dramatic in the winter. My lip color is Musky Amethyst by the one and only MAC.  Unfortunately there isn’t a MAC in Cairns. PLUS, it is a crime how expensive makeup is out here. I don’t blame the ladies for not wearing makeup. It is imperative I stock up when I visit Vancouver next.

Anyways, time for my main squeeze and I to kick off our shoes after a day of work, and play an incredibly competitive game of SKIP-BO (his bum’s gonna get kicked). Have a good week!

Rebecca Janelle



4 thoughts on “Ruby

  1. Rebecca, you are absolutely Beautiful, Stunning, Smart . . . . a m a z i n g!! You Go, Girl! I think you would do absolutely fantastic at creating your own style of clothing!! Love your posts. Love YOU more. God LOVES you BEST!! 🙂 We keep you & Jordan in our hearts and prayers.

  2. again with the shoes! Those are amazing and work in so well with the top! You need to be either a designer or a stylist for someone awesome. What a great look chickpea! Love to you both!

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