PS I love you

So as Rebecca is heading into fall in Australia, over here in Canada we are heading into our summer season (I know you would never guess with the June weather we have been having?!?!)  I feel extremely blessed to have had the chance to kick start my summer vacation (and tan) with a Turton family vacation to Palm Springs.  My husband and I had been anticipating the trip for quite some time, and let me tell you, Palm Springs did not hesitate to deliver.  Two weeks with not a cloud in the sky, a gorgeous house, pool, cocktails, outlet shopping!!!!!! and an amazing time with the family.

So for this blog entry, I wanted to add some fun and EASY summer DIY’s, as well as a few photo’s from a photoshoot my sister-in-law Chantelle and I did. (You see, when Rebecca and I married Matthew and Jordan, we not only got amazing husbands, but a new fabulous and fun sister as well!!)

The photographer was my hunky husband and he was such a great sport.


Meet Chantelle Turton.  She was the perfect model for my first DIY with her gorgeous long dark hair.  The headband you see above, is simply made from the piece of fabric you see below:


All you need is a thin piece of polyester, or t-shirt fabric with some stretch, and cut a long strip.  I used some material from a DIY scarf that I will feature in the future.  From your chosen material just cut approximately one meter long and 8 cm wide.

I start by wrapping the fabric from the front of her head to the back, crossing it at the back, and wrapping it around the front again, only this time tying a simple knot.  Then I fanned the two tails of fabric into this adorable bow!  It stays perfectly in place and looks adorable with your hair either up or down!  Such a great way to keep hair out of your eyes when you are tanning, or adding a slight nautical feel to any outfit with this fabric in particular.


Next up we have the add-some-lace-to-your-jean-shorts DIY.  I did this the day before we left for PS and was thrilled with the cute accent it added to my favourite jean shorts.  I just measured the lace (at Dressew in Vancouver I bought one meter of this lace for $0.99) cut it to size and hand sewed it into place! So easy! You could SEW do this!!


And now to some fun photoshoot pics…both Chantelle and I are students (or were students as she just graduated University this year! Woot!) and are on a limited budget.  So as we strolled through the outlet mall, with Gucci, Yves St. Laurent, and Versace right at our finger tips, we casually window shopped until we scored some major deals at Charlotte Russe.  It is seriously the best store for stylish, fun and flirty clothes on a budget.  Here is what we found on our day out at the outlets:


I couldn’t pass up this Peplum dress from Charlotte Russe, once I zipped the zip I knew it had to cross the border with me. My shoes and chunky necklace are from Forever21 (another fave).


White jeans are all the rage in the summer and Chantelle totally rocked these!  She picked them up at Joe’s, her hip highlighter top and necklace is from Charlotte Russe and her adorable ruffle shoes she found at Nine West.


Rebecca this shoe picture is for YOU!!


My next outfit is one I wore in Palm Springs on a number of occasions. The FUN thing about it is that I got it from a little sale Rebecca did out of her closet before her and Jordan moved to Australia.  It’s a silky romper from Kensie and I just love it.  My shoes are from Browns here in Vancouver, the bracelet is one I wore at Rebecca’s wedding and my necklace was made by the very talented Kelsey over at (check her out, she’s good!!!)

Chantelle’s whole outfit (including amazing black heels) are all from Charlotte Russe!


This last little grouping is perfect for a date night.  I absolutely love date nights with the hubby (I know you would never guess by looking at my face in the left picture – but I cherish each and every one).  It was on a crazy sale, is crazy tight but the pattern was just too much fun to pass up!  I think the red blazer is a needed add, especially for this ‘summer’ weather we are getting in Vancouver.  The dress, blazer, and earrings are all from Charlotte Russe, and my watch is Fossil.


When it was all over we laughed…we laughed and we laughed at how much fun the evening was.  I am thankful for a patient hubby who waited during outfit changes and didn’t complain once while shooting our pics.

PS I will be back

PS. Rebecca and Jordan you were missed

PS I love you


Jillian Marie


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