Rockin’ A “Go-To”



School’s out for the winter, which means I’m able to work more than 20 hours a week. I’ve picked up a second job at a local cafe and I am once again a barista. I have to admit, being a barista in Australia is tedious work. I actually have to press the espresso shot myself…it’s not just a click of a button like good old Starbucks. They also have flat whites, long blacks, short blacks, and the list goes on. What’s the difference between a latte and a flat white anyway? Like a mm less foam? Sorry to all those who love their flat whites. Although it’s been nice working full time again and having that little extra monayyy (which I love so dearly), I had just begun to get used to my 20 hours/week. Sometimes I wonder how I could have physically, emotionally, and mentally taken on full time plus another job or two as I did years ago. Apparently I had no life. Working part time made me really start to enjoy the things that I never used to have time for. I have started to paint again, I’m blogging (obviously), cleaning the house…thoroughly, and sleeping in past 5:30am. It is actually really nice!

Seeing as I have been preoccupied elsewhere, this has been my “go-to” outfit that I’ve pulled out a few times (x 5) the past few weeks on my days off. Let’s take it from the top. K-mart fedora, Kensie sunnies, Sportsgirl blouse, Kensie shorts, BCBG bow-tie watch, Collette gold chain bracelet, and Jillian’s leather and gold 3-wrap bracelet she made me last Christmas (check out how to make it on her “Bracelet Bliss” post). Then the best for last, I want to introduce you to my all-time FAVORITE shoes from Kensie. I scored this sample pair on one of my last weeks working at the head office. I could wear them with anything and still feel like an Elton John Rockstar. If your a busy girl like moi…and have pulled out your “go-to” outfit on numerous occasions…I’d love to see what your rockin’!!

♥ Rebecca Janelle



2 thoughts on “Rockin’ A “Go-To”

  1. Dear Rebecca . . . You are SUCH a Striking and Adorable Model!! With a body like that, I’d be sold immediately to purchase this “go-to” outfit 🙂

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