Pots of Love

I came across this adorable DIY on Pinterest last week of a terracotta pot that was simply covered in fabric and I fell in love.  I have a cute kitchen windowsill that needed a facelift, and what could be more perfect than boring old mini flower pots covered in beautiful fabric.  I have to do everything ‘mini’ in my home, as we live in a shoebox – but I love the challenge!  So I picked up a few dollar store pots and started crafting! 

Dollar store pots:



I wanted the pots to have a ‘vintagy’ feel to them, and just used scraps of fabric that I had in my crafting room (which is a bin in the corner of my bedroom due to my miniature house, but I like to close my eyes and dream I am entering a gorgeous crafting room, with spools of ribbon in every color…fabric in every texture…hot glue gun sticks, sparkles, thread….ahem, ok getting a bit carried away…)

 So here is what you need:


Using your good ‘ol MOD podge, you just paint on a thin layer, and place the fabric around.  I did it section by section smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. (Try to use a thin layer of glue – if it is too globby, it shows through the fabric and gives it a wet look in places – not good) You want there to be about an inch of fabric on both the top and bottom, then simply cut into sections and fold over with glue.

Here are the steps visually:


Here they are complete with fabric:


They look great with just fabric, like in the ‘pin’ I ‘pinned’, but I wanted to add my own twist!  So I went back to my craft room and found some extra garnishes to add to the pots, just for some extra pop.  I ended up making 3 mini’s for my windowsill and 3 bigger ones to give away!  


I had so much fun making these little pots of love and am very excited to surprise a few friends with their very own!



Jillian Marie


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