World’s End


Top-Kmart/World’s End Pants-Esther Boutique/Fringe Purse-H&M/Shoes-Steve Madden


I’m really excited to show you my latest purchase, “World’s End” pants from Esther Boutique. I’ve been endlessly searching for a pair of pants that are not black or denim (Boring!). So finally, when these showed up on their online store, I knew they were mine. It’s the second time I’ve seen a pair of pants with two different legs, and I feel as though they were made for me. It’s like wearing two different moods, which I feel I have been the queen of these past few months trying to put on a happy face and servant heart at work, when inside all I want is a day off (which I hadn’t had in weeks)!!

Jordan and I were fortunate enough to be able to book a day off together to celebrate his birthday! I love celebrating birthdays! The day after a romantic dinner on the beach and a surprise games/party night with our friends, Jordan and I continued the celebration of his birth by road tripping up to Port Douglas. His friend lent us his car (bless his heart) and we truly enjoyed just cruising around. The drive was absolutely breathtaking. It reminded me of a tropical version of the Oregon Coast. Once we arrived in Port Douglas we enjoyed walking around the streets and markets, had a nice lunch at the Ironbar and just enjoyed each others company. Port Douglas is a not-so-distant treasure. If we owned a car, I would definitely be there every weekend.

Here are some of my Instagram pictures from our trip – Enjoy!


Have a good week everyone!


5 thoughts on “World’s End

  1. Awesome photos, Rebecca! Thanks so much for posting! So happy Jordan and you had SUCH a wonderful time together for his birthday! Love your pants too, babe! πŸ™‚ HOT!

  2. Becky! you are stunning! I just adore your style girl. NO one could quite pull of these patterned pants like you. Also, LOVE the sunglasses where from?

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