Floral headband DIY


Happy Monday friends and trusty followers!  I wasn’t sure what craft to embark on for this week (as I have about 32 different ones on the go), but decided to use up some more scrap material in hopes to clear out my craft box.  I have made headbands before, but never elastic ones that can be worn as a headband, or a more ‘boho’ look…so here’s how it’s done!


 The supplies:

<< felt circle (mine is approx 2 inches in diameter) >>

<< fabric or lace cut into the same sized circle >>

<< glue gun >>

<< scissors >>

<< buttons or jewels for the center >>

<< elastic (either elastic from the notions section in a fabric store – which I used in the thicker example, or elastic headbands – which I picked up at Forever21 for cheap cheap – which I used for the thinner ones) >>

Then just follow these easy steps:


 Fold your petal’s in half, and then in half again, they will look like step #1

Put hot glue on the pointy tip, about half a centimetre up, and place on fabric circle, starting in the middle…like step #2

Next, just keep adding petals…not in any order (unless you are going for a pattern, but the green one I did I just added petals to fill up the felt)

Finally, in step #4, hot glue gun your elastic to the felt, and then cut a piece of felt to hot glue gun on top of the original felt, to hide the elastic.

Finally, hot glue a gem, jewel or button in the centre to make it compete! 


 I had our gorgeous sister-in-law Chantelle model the headband for me.  You can wear it either this way:


Or opt for a more bohemian look:


These headbands are easy to make, affordable and add a unique feel to any outfit!  


Jillian Marie


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