Pop Your Collar

Good Morning friends,

Have I got a treat for YOU! But before we get started, in regards to my title, let me just say that “popping your collar” is SO not ok. Boys who are still doing this…for the love of pete please stop! Anywho, I’ve been obsessed with bedazzled collars this season as I’ve seen them everywhere, however when I saw that someone came out with the idea to make detachable collars my heart must have skipped 3 beats! What a wardrobe-changing idea! I looked EVERYWHERE for these detachable collars….I mean everywhere. I saw a few in the stores around town but they were out of my price range. I also saw them online in the states (for much less) and thought…maybe? But since my last shipping disaster, I decided against it and put it out of my mind.

One day while I was blog-stocking, I came across a DIY detachable collar tutorial on a few different blogs, and the thought consumed me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I got my little hands dirty and crafted my own! My attempt at being Jillian Marie, Crafter-Extraordinaire, for a brief wonderful moment was riveting and rewarding. 8 collars later…this girl’s got herself a new wardrobe!!

Here’s how I did it:

1. Salvation Army – 2 men’s collared shirts for $5 – it was meant to be. I used men’s shirts because they are more structured and a little more sturdy when gluing on the glitz.


2. I picked up some very inexpensive fabric glue, and stock piled on any little jewels I thought would best suit the collars.


3. Then I detached the collar from the shirt using my scissors to cut around the base.


This is what your collars will look like when you detach them from the shirts.


Then for the fun part, time to add your own personal flavor.

4. Decorate your collars! Use the fabric glue to paste whatever jewels your heart desires to the outside of the collars.

Here are some examples below…

I got the idea for this red beaded collar from The Chriselle Factor blog.


I’ve been really into h-core studs lately. I picked up this cheap tube top at the Salvation Army for $2 and picked off the studs and pasted them onto my white collar to make it look a little more edgy.

You may have noticed that I only showed pictures of 7 pre-decorated collars, but you are about to see 8. This is because I had a collar breakthrough a few days ago! I had an extra black collar that I wasn’t planning on using, and so many extra studs from that really ugly tube top that I couldn’t let go to waste. I didn’t want to use the same embellishments twice, so I busted out my metallic gold nail polish to glam the studs up a little more and give it a different feel. (I didn’t show pictures of me putting the nail polish on but you should notice the difference in the finished product).


I bought a few dog collars at a Dollar Store close by and cut the spikes off to add to this denim collar.


And here are the results!


A happy girl with some spicy new accessories to make her outfits a little more exciting!



Rebecca Janelle


5 thoughts on “Pop Your Collar

  1. Rebecca . . . all I can say is YOU are absolutely A M A Z I N G!! I absolutely LOVE your awesome creations πŸ™‚ I certainly believe I could do this myself (if I get to feeling like it, of course . . . lol!). I just believe you could go into creating your own signature line, Beck! You are magnificent! I would certainly purchase anything you create πŸ™‚

  2. Especially like the red one coordinated with the patterned blouse/dress! I want to try this out myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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