Paint Chip Jewellery


Good Morning!!  I hope all you Canadians had a fabulous long weekend!  The weather here in Vancouver was to die for, and the hubs and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

The idea of using paint chip samples to make jewellery has been popping up all around me lately.  I didn’t think much of the idea, until I spotted this design, and I was suddenly sold.  I had to try it!  I went to my local Home Depot and picked up some free paint chip samples, stopped at Michaels for some jewellery making accessories and I was set!

I knew I wanted to try the fun geometric shape that I had spotted, but also like to add my own twist.  I came up with two different kinds of earrings, as well as an anklet and a necklace!  The options are really endless, and what I love about paint chips is the price (hello FREE!!!), sturdy paper, and automatic ombre selection!!


I don’t have pictures of the process, as it is quite simple.  All you need to do is cut your shape:  I measured my triangles to make sure they were all the same and used either a quarter or a dime to trace for the circles.  Next, with a pin, put a hole where you will be adding the jewellery loop.  Once your paint chips are all looped together, attach them to the chain, add a clasp at the back and you are done!


Here is a nice closeup…notice that where three ‘flags’ meet, I used three rings.  In my original one I just used one ring to hold all the three corners together, and it didn’t work as well.

Here are the finished necklaces:


And here are the earrings:


What I also love about these earrings is that they are SO light!  Heavy earrings can be painful and stretch out our nicely pierced ears to a nasty length…can I get an AMEN?!

The finished anklet:


I quite enjoyed making these and seriously have so many more ideas for shapes, colours and styles!

What will you make with paint chips?  Email your creations – we’d love to check them out!!



JIllian Marie


3 thoughts on “Paint Chip Jewellery

  1. Wow! Absolutely Brilliant!! Jillian, YOU are a m a z i n g! I don’t know, your husband and Rebecca’s husband sure lucked out . . . they have chosen SUCH bright and brilliant and Beautiful young women for their wives!! I think THEY are very Bright! Must be why their Moms called them “sons” 🙂 . . . chuckle, chuckle Lots of love to you, Jillian . . . and happy Pain Chip Jewellery making 🙂

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