My Big Fat Greek Anniversary

This past week was Jord and I’s whopping 2nd wedding anniversary.  We made it!! I get so excited when our anniversary comes, its almost as exciting as both of our birthday’s combined. I nearly forget about it each year and then when I realize the few weeks before its such a delightful surprise! It makes me dream of the future and reminds me of all the lovely memories we’ve shared in the past. One in particular was Jord and I’s fairytale first encounter. Strangers from the same city and determined to see the world, we set out on an trip of a lifetime. Jordan was traveling the world with his brother (Jillian’s hubby) and I was backpacking through Europe with my girlfriend. We both happened to be in the same traveler’s calling center in Rome, Italy at the same time and Jordan got up the courage to introduce himself. The chance encounter in Rome was only the start as we learned that we had the same travel plans from the next day, right through to the following week. Through Rome, Athens and then Santorini, there was no denying that the “Big Guy” and His divine intervention wanted us to meet.

I dug up some old pictures from yester-year.




This year for our anniversary, Jordan had the romantic idea to make a weekend out of it and re-live our meeting in the Mediterranean.  We rented scooters and cruised around Cairns, we went for a Mediterranean-inspired dinner the first night, and Jordan made me a delicious Greek souvlaki meal the other night.  The weekend felt as though we were almost there again. We felt young and carefree, it was pure bliss. My face still hurts from my constant smile.  A reminder of how much joy Jordan has brought to my life since meeting him 5 years ago. Life with my BFF just seems to be getting more and more wonderful. What’s your story? Send me an email about how you and your other half met. I’d love to hear from you! Email:


With all the reminiscing and re-living, I of COURSE had to come up with a look that I would like to wear if I were to go back to Greece. The Hi-Lo skirt is fun and flirty, the top is the color of the roofs in Santorini, and the hair and necklace add just the right amount of Greek Goddess!


Brass Collar Necklace/Collete, Top/H&M, Hi-Lo Aztec Skirt/Kmart, Heels/Steve Madden


3 thoughts on “My Big Fat Greek Anniversary

  1. Rebecca, Thank you so much for posting! LOVED thumbing through . . . allowing us to Celebrate with You Both!! So thankful for you two 🙂 LOVE your outfit too!! xoxo

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