My weekend in the woods

This past weekend my husband and I spent in Maple Ridge, BC at my Borowko Family Reunion.  The Borowko’s are my mom’s family and includes her two brothers, their wives, their kids and their kids kids.  There were 25 of us that spent the weekend at my Uncle Gary and Auntie Maxine’s acreage – and it was AMAZING!!

I have wanted to take an iphone cleanse as it seems I check my Instagram and Facebook way too often, and thought this weekend would be the perfect opportunity.  I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me, and loved visiting with family that I so rarely get to see, without the distraction.  It was a success – and something I will be doing again – have you ever tried?

So instead of having my face in my phone, I went on a long walk and chatted with my beautiful cousins, ate wild berries picked fresh from the bush, shot a shotgun, got to know my cousins children who were SO funny and sweet, played with my amazingly cute nephew for hours, drank coffee on the hammock, shared stories of my life with Matt and just soaked up every minute of precious time spent with my extended family.ImageImage

This barn is a crafters dream.  If you climb the rickety stairs you stumble upon more than a dozen sewing machines, fabric that fills up the shelves, and my Aunts creative magic draped everywhere.  I think a day of crafting in this barn is something that needs to happen in the near future…



 There were two main events during the weekend.  The first was a Talent Show, that featured some real family talent, along with some really good efforts!  Nearly everyone participated and it made for such a funny family bonding night.

The second event was the ‘Not So Tough Mudder’.  My cousin participated in the real tough mudder this last year and this family friendly event was inspired by her.  If you click on the link, it will take you to a video of the events that the real tough mudder participants go through.  Our ‘Not So Tough Mudder’ was intense, but not quite the level you see in the video.  Our mudder started with dressing up in play clothes and included riveting events such as a cherry pit spitting contest, hopscotch, bobbing for apricots and a rest station – to eat the apricot you bobbed.  We had so many good laughs, especially when my dad came out in a fur coat and granny hat!


Finally, I know I haven’t posted a craft or DIY, but I have some good ones in the works!  I’ll leave you with this little food project that my mom and I worked on during the weekend.  We were celebrating my Aunts birthday who is a retired dental hygienist and this teeth inspired snack was something that everyone loved.  The marshmallow teeth are held in between the apple lips with a little spread of peanut butter!  Hmmm come to think of it, this little creation will come in handy having a brother-in-law in dental school…

I hope you all have had time to enjoy your family this summer…we can’t wait to see our Australia family in 17 short weeks!


Jillian Marie


3 thoughts on “My weekend in the woods

  1. Jillian, how absolutely WONDERFUL that you could enjoy SUCH a FAMILY REUNION as this! Sooo happy for you! Sounded and Looked Magnificent! I know you can only capture so much on your blog 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  2. Now that I have done the “not so tough” mudder, I think I am ready for the real thing !!!
    Such a fun weekend !! Great memories !!

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