do a little twirl

Well I just said goodbye to our out of town friends that stayed with us for the weekend. Unfortunately Jord and I weren’t in the position to be the best hosts as we both had to work, but it was a last minute plan and totally worth it to have them. And yes, if you noticed I said “friends”. We have FRIENDS! We seem to have been making more and more this past while which is a blessing. I was getting lonely.  I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t had to make new friends in a really long time as we had our core group back at home. Plus, if we did make a new friend it was a friend of a friend of a friend. ya know? Since being out here, I’ve really had to put myself out on the market for new pals. It takes a lot more time than I thought it would and I’ve had to be patient. It’s too bad friends don’t just come popping out of the woods when you need them like they do in Snow White (even though the friends she makes are cute animals and dwarfs). Has anyone else seen “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts? Loved it.

What else have I been getting up to? hmmm…Oh! I FINALLY went for a swim at my beach! The water was warmer than our pool in my backyard. How crazy is that? I haven’t gone swimming in the ocean since moving into our apartment because there were too many dangerous creatures lurking around that could eat or do some serious harm to me. When I went to the water this time, there were so many people already swimming so I figured the likelihood of becoming something’s lunch was slim to none. I put on my brave face and went up to my NECK! Now I want to go every other day. I’m trying to convince Jord to take 1 day off from his placement this week to come with me. “I’m wishing” in my wishing well.

Now for my outfit of the week. I paired a flowy pleated skirt with my silk floral Zara blouse. It’s airy and light for the hot hot hot weather we’ve been having. I’ve been really trying to work with what I already have in my wardrobe without purchasing new clothes every fort night for my outfit posts. It’s been dreadfully hard as shopping makes me happy (like REALLY happy) but this week I conquered that goal.


Felt Hat – BCBG / Blouse – Zara / Pleated Skirt – thrifted / Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors / Leopard print clutch – gifted from mom / Suede Booties – Kmart

Have a happy week everyone!

Rebecca Janelle



maxi to maxi


Summer is slowly winding down here in Vancouver and fall mornings are starting to get crisp.  I have been wanting to try one last clothing DIY and I think it can transition from the summer to the fall quite nicely.  I had this floral print maxi dress that I bought at H&M last summer, which might have been thrown into the dryer a few too many times.  It is such a comfortable cotton and got a lot of wear as a maxi dress, but, it was starting to inch up my ankles and become a really awkward length.  It clicked that a great solution to this problem would be to make this maxi dress into a maxi skirt – a trend that I absolutely LOVE.  The black maxi dress is one I picked up at a local thrift shop, with the intention of making it a skirt from the start.

So here is some serious hand on hip action and the two dresses before they became skirts:


I wanted to make sure the skirts would be nice and long, and so cut just below the armpit hole, leaving me with 2  training bras and the beginning of beautiful skirts like you see below.


Next, depending on what size of elastic you buy (mine was approx. 1.5 inches wide) you want to turn your skirt inside out and  fold the material at the top, leaving enough room for the elastic, and the seam allowance and pin, like so:


I made sure to do this project at my mom’s house because I have access to her sewing machine while I am there.  A sewing machine is at the top of my wish list, I am still working on finding room and convincing the hubby to give up some more real estate in our little apartment.

So with your pins in place, sew around the whole skirt while leaving yourself a 2 inch gap for the elastic to thread through.


Next, measure the elastic around your waist and cut to size.  I wanted my skirts to be worn a little high waisted, so that is where I measured the elastic.  Once you have your elastic cut to size, I will let you in on a little secret.  Now this might be widespread knowledge by now, but it is something I learned back in Home Ec class many many years ago (Important side note: I just got the invite for my 10 year high school reunion – CRAZY!!!)  Simply add a safety pin to the end of the elastic to make it easy to shimmy through the elastic opening and around the skirt.


Sew the elastic together once it is fished through, close up the 2 inch gap you left for the elastic, and TA-DA!! You just made a maxi skirt.  Nicely done.


// top-Urban Behavior // belt-Zara // bangles-Urban Outfitters //


// blazer-Zara // necklace-Forever21 // tank-Wet Seal // boots-Ross //


// blouse-Becki’s closet //


// jean jacket-gap //

I miss Rebecca like crazy, but what makes it easier is that we talk everyday in some capacity.  It is usually a voice message on Voxer (if you don’t have this app you have to get it – turns your phone into a walkie talkie and lets you talk to people all over the world) or we Skype.  Before Matt took these pictures for me Becki and I had a Skype date and she helped me style my new maxi skirts.  We had so much fun trying things out and figuring out what works.  I’d have to say the ideas she gives me are ones I would never think of, but every time they are my favorite.  She’s good.

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rebecca_jay and  jillian_marie_t


Jillian Marie

Liebster Blog



I’m so flattered, that Jill and I were nominated for an award called the Liebster Blog Award. At first I wasn’t familiar with what it entailed, but now that I do I am quite excited!

Thank you, to my new blogger friend – Dirty Boho Love for nominating me!

So here’s how it works:

  • Introduce the blogger who nominated you and link to their site
  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you
  • Choose 11 blogs and tag them in your post (don’t forget to let them know that you’ve nominated them!)

11 Things about me

  1. I used to work at the head office of Kensie.
  2. I have a weakness for popcorn, Old Dutch salt and vinegar chips (they must be Old Dutch) and donuts.
  3. I have a dream of owning my own boutique one day.
  4. My latest obsessions are Carrie Bradshaw turbans.
  5. I love the Olsen Twins style.
  6. I am a happily married lady to a Jude Law look alike.
  7. I work part time in a VIP lounge at the Shangri La Hotel, Marina, Cairns.
  8. I am a shopaholic.
  9. I get a new pair of shoes from my husband every year on my birthday. That doesn’t stop me from purchasing other shoes throughout the rest of the year.
  10. My next purchase will be a grunge denim vest.
  11. Family comes first.


11 Questions for set by Dirty Boho Love 

  1. How do you spend your free time? Working, housewife-ing, blogging, shopping, putting outfits together, painting, spending time friends.
  2. Who is your favourite designer? At this moment in time it is Rag & Bone.
  3. Summer or Winter? Winter – Layering!
  4. What was your dream job when you were little? I thought I was going to be a full time princess. I made everyone call me Cinderella.
  5. Most embarrassing fashion moment? Glitter. Summer camp at the age of 9, I used to cake face glitter all over my face. I thought I was the coolest cat at camp.
  6. What is your favourite Store to shop at? Zara. So fun – so affordable.
  7. Hair horror story? I used to wear my hair really tight in a pony tail (or “sausage” bun as my mom would call it) and then pull two really long strands out on either side of my face.
  8. Favourite movie/tv show? Pride and Prejudice/Gossip Girl
  9. Style the most describes you? I don’t think I have 1 style in particular. I like a little bit of everything.
  10. What is your favourite trend that’s out right now? Detachable collars and tall hats
  11. How did you choose the name for your blog? Jill (my blog-share partner) and I put our middle names together.

11 Questions the Tagged Blogger must complete

  1. What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe right now?    
  2. Who is your favourite designer?   
  3. What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?
  4. Why did you start your blog?
  5. Favourite shoe?
  6. What is you favourite perfume?     
  7. Favourite designer? 
  8. What is your favourite place to shop?     
  9. What brand of makeup do you use?
  10. What is your all time favorite thing in your closet?
  11. Why did you choose such a name for your blog?    

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Off To The Races

Colorful hats, fascinators, gloves and high heels equals my heaven! I had an absolute ball this past weekend at the Amateur Horse Races. I went with my dear friend, Emma and some of her friends. I didn’t gamble, and I barely kept up with the actual race part of it. In fact, I’m afraid I was the biggest creeper ever, because I people (lady) watched the ENTIRE time. All the ladies looked ravishing! A heavenly fashion hue filled the air and I took in every minute of it. (I’ve been a little deprived of it lately but I definitely got my fill on Saturday). 10,000 people all dressed in their Sunday best, cooped up under all these tents. It really was an amazing event and for the first time in awhile, I felt like fashion was not the LAST thing on everyone’s list of priorities. I was in my glory!

Here’s what I wore and some pics of the races.


Dress-Kensie (so old but still one of my fave’s) / Fascinator-Luvisa / Heels-Betsey Johnson via Winners

Have a happy week everyone!

Rebecca Janelle


An epic pantsformation

This year I have loved following all the new trends in denim.  From pastels to tight and bright, and from floral to tribal patterns…it would seem denim is the canvas for fashionistas this year.  With this in mind, I wanted to take on the challenge of styling my own denim and, luckily, had the perfect pair to experiment with on-hand.

My research on the topic of denim bleaching brought me to some pretty important do’s and don’ts.  One site really got me giggling – a nervous giggle that is.  They explained how important it is to not use ‘cheap’ jeans, too much bleach and an aluminum bin.  This was the outcome:

Imagepinstrosity – check out this website – cracks me up every time.

I was a little freaked out to try after seeing the results above as my jeans were… well…how can I put it…cheap…like cheap cheap…like I probably spent $15.00 on them.  But, I went ahead anyways.  My cheap jeans travelled with me to Kelowna, where I had access to a large bin, bleach, and a backyard for dyeing.  My mom, and partner in this pantsformation, helped me document some of the stages the jeans went through, and a glimpse of me at 7am in my pj’s dyeing my jeans blue.

Before we get started though, here is where I got my inspiration for my final product.  My wonderful friend Michelle Gadd over at elasticpantcity posted a DIY she did after she spotted this Marc Jacobs ad.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2012 collection

Once I laid my eyes on these polka dot beauties I knew we were meant to be…no matter how hard the battle.  Without further ado…here is my pantsformation…




#1 – I ended up bleaching my jeans like I follow recipes.  A little water, a little bleach…maybe a little more bleach…and a pinch of water.  That being said, I don’t have measurements.  All I would say is that I found I had to use A LOT of bleach to get the color to budge.  Check out this tutorial for measurements.

#2 – I would hang them to dry, and then bleach them again.  I bleached these suckers about 5 times. It was a process.  After the final bleach, I washed them and dried them.

#3 – Next I used fabric dye and began dyeing them blue.  The blue I purchased was a sky blue, but I knew I wanted more of an ice blue, so they could be as marc jacobs as possible.  Therefore, instead of the 15 minute soak, I had them in the dye for approximately 2 minutes.  They look quite dark in the picture, but once they were hosed down (literally with the garden hose) they came out the perfect icy blue that you see in the finished product.

#4 – Finally, with some fabric paint (I picked mine up at Michaels), a keychain ring and a paintbrush, the final step was easy.  I just spaced out my dots traced the keyring with fabric paint, and filled the circles in.

I am so thrilled with the outcome, and am glad that my uber cheap jeans held up to the challenge!

This weekend I styled them and although they are more a summer denim, I thought matched with the black blazer and heels they can transition into the fall.  After all the sun is still a shinin’ in Vancouver!


Imageblazer – Zara // blouse – urban planet // sunglasses – Jennifer Lopez // shoes – target // earrings – charlotte russe // necklace – gifted Imagetank top – h&m // sandals – Becki’s closet // scarf – DIY coming soon // glasses – charlotte russe // earrings – charlotte russe // bangles – urban outfitters

I did pull out my hipster glasses for the ‘dressed down’ shots…and my hair is in such a glorious high ponytail because of the help of clip in extensions…don’t judge…


Jillian Marie