An epic pantsformation

This year I have loved following all the new trends in denim.  From pastels to tight and bright, and from floral to tribal patterns…it would seem denim is the canvas for fashionistas this year.  With this in mind, I wanted to take on the challenge of styling my own denim and, luckily, had the perfect pair to experiment with on-hand.

My research on the topic of denim bleaching brought me to some pretty important do’s and don’ts.  One site really got me giggling – a nervous giggle that is.  They explained how important it is to not use ‘cheap’ jeans, too much bleach and an aluminum bin.  This was the outcome:

Imagepinstrosity – check out this website – cracks me up every time.

I was a little freaked out to try after seeing the results above as my jeans were… well…how can I put it…cheap…like cheap cheap…like I probably spent $15.00 on them.  But, I went ahead anyways.  My cheap jeans travelled with me to Kelowna, where I had access to a large bin, bleach, and a backyard for dyeing.  My mom, and partner in this pantsformation, helped me document some of the stages the jeans went through, and a glimpse of me at 7am in my pj’s dyeing my jeans blue.

Before we get started though, here is where I got my inspiration for my final product.  My wonderful friend Michelle Gadd over at elasticpantcity posted a DIY she did after she spotted this Marc Jacobs ad.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2012 collection

Once I laid my eyes on these polka dot beauties I knew we were meant to be…no matter how hard the battle.  Without further ado…here is my pantsformation…




#1 – I ended up bleaching my jeans like I follow recipes.  A little water, a little bleach…maybe a little more bleach…and a pinch of water.  That being said, I don’t have measurements.  All I would say is that I found I had to use A LOT of bleach to get the color to budge.  Check out this tutorial for measurements.

#2 – I would hang them to dry, and then bleach them again.  I bleached these suckers about 5 times. It was a process.  After the final bleach, I washed them and dried them.

#3 – Next I used fabric dye and began dyeing them blue.  The blue I purchased was a sky blue, but I knew I wanted more of an ice blue, so they could be as marc jacobs as possible.  Therefore, instead of the 15 minute soak, I had them in the dye for approximately 2 minutes.  They look quite dark in the picture, but once they were hosed down (literally with the garden hose) they came out the perfect icy blue that you see in the finished product.

#4 – Finally, with some fabric paint (I picked mine up at Michaels), a keychain ring and a paintbrush, the final step was easy.  I just spaced out my dots traced the keyring with fabric paint, and filled the circles in.

I am so thrilled with the outcome, and am glad that my uber cheap jeans held up to the challenge!

This weekend I styled them and although they are more a summer denim, I thought matched with the black blazer and heels they can transition into the fall.  After all the sun is still a shinin’ in Vancouver!


Imageblazer – Zara // blouse – urban planet // sunglasses – Jennifer Lopez // shoes – target // earrings – charlotte russe // necklace – gifted Imagetank top – h&m // sandals – Becki’s closet // scarf – DIY coming soon // glasses – charlotte russe // earrings – charlotte russe // bangles – urban outfitters

I did pull out my hipster glasses for the ‘dressed down’ shots…and my hair is in such a glorious high ponytail because of the help of clip in extensions…don’t judge…


Jillian Marie


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