Off To The Races

Colorful hats, fascinators, gloves and high heels equals my heaven! I had an absolute ball this past weekend at the Amateur Horse Races. I went with my dear friend, Emma and some of her friends. I didn’t gamble, and I barely kept up with the actual race part of it. In fact, I’m afraid I was the biggest creeper ever, because I people (lady) watched the ENTIRE time. All the ladies looked ravishing! A heavenly fashion hue filled the air and I took in every minute of it. (I’ve been a little deprived of it lately but I definitely got my fill on Saturday). 10,000 people all dressed in their Sunday best, cooped up under all these tents. It really was an amazing event and for the first time in awhile, I felt like fashion was not the LAST thing on everyone’s list of priorities. I was in my glory!

Here’s what I wore and some pics of the races.


Dress-Kensie (so old but still one of my fave’s) / Fascinator-Luvisa / Heels-Betsey Johnson via Winners

Have a happy week everyone!

Rebecca Janelle



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