maxi to maxi


Summer is slowly winding down here in Vancouver and fall mornings are starting to get crisp.  I have been wanting to try one last clothing DIY and I think it can transition from the summer to the fall quite nicely.  I had this floral print maxi dress that I bought at H&M last summer, which might have been thrown into the dryer a few too many times.  It is such a comfortable cotton and got a lot of wear as a maxi dress, but, it was starting to inch up my ankles and become a really awkward length.  It clicked that a great solution to this problem would be to make this maxi dress into a maxi skirt – a trend that I absolutely LOVE.  The black maxi dress is one I picked up at a local thrift shop, with the intention of making it a skirt from the start.

So here is some serious hand on hip action and the two dresses before they became skirts:


I wanted to make sure the skirts would be nice and long, and so cut just below the armpit hole, leaving me with 2  training bras and the beginning of beautiful skirts like you see below.


Next, depending on what size of elastic you buy (mine was approx. 1.5 inches wide) you want to turn your skirt inside out and  fold the material at the top, leaving enough room for the elastic, and the seam allowance and pin, like so:


I made sure to do this project at my mom’s house because I have access to her sewing machine while I am there.  A sewing machine is at the top of my wish list, I am still working on finding room and convincing the hubby to give up some more real estate in our little apartment.

So with your pins in place, sew around the whole skirt while leaving yourself a 2 inch gap for the elastic to thread through.


Next, measure the elastic around your waist and cut to size.  I wanted my skirts to be worn a little high waisted, so that is where I measured the elastic.  Once you have your elastic cut to size, I will let you in on a little secret.  Now this might be widespread knowledge by now, but it is something I learned back in Home Ec class many many years ago (Important side note: I just got the invite for my 10 year high school reunion – CRAZY!!!)  Simply add a safety pin to the end of the elastic to make it easy to shimmy through the elastic opening and around the skirt.


Sew the elastic together once it is fished through, close up the 2 inch gap you left for the elastic, and TA-DA!! You just made a maxi skirt.  Nicely done.


// top-Urban Behavior // belt-Zara // bangles-Urban Outfitters //


// blazer-Zara // necklace-Forever21 // tank-Wet Seal // boots-Ross //


// blouse-Becki’s closet //


// jean jacket-gap //

I miss Rebecca like crazy, but what makes it easier is that we talk everyday in some capacity.  It is usually a voice message on Voxer (if you don’t have this app you have to get it – turns your phone into a walkie talkie and lets you talk to people all over the world) or we Skype.  Before Matt took these pictures for me Becki and I had a Skype date and she helped me style my new maxi skirts.  We had so much fun trying things out and figuring out what works.  I’d have to say the ideas she gives me are ones I would never think of, but every time they are my favorite.  She’s good.

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Jillian Marie


3 thoughts on “maxi to maxi

  1. Jill, you are gorgeous as ever and hilarious – “2 training bras” – brilliant.
    What incredible advice for the above the ankle maxi dress – such an awkward length – I will definitely be giving this little trick a try.

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