do a little twirl

Well I just said goodbye to our out of town friends that stayed with us for the weekend. Unfortunately Jord and I weren’t in the position to be the best hosts as we both had to work, but it was a last minute plan and totally worth it to have them. And yes, if you noticed I said “friends”. We have FRIENDS! We seem to have been making more and more this past while which is a blessing. I was getting lonely.  I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t had to make new friends in a really long time as we had our core group back at home. Plus, if we did make a new friend it was a friend of a friend of a friend. ya know? Since being out here, I’ve really had to put myself out on the market for new pals. It takes a lot more time than I thought it would and I’ve had to be patient. It’s too bad friends don’t just come popping out of the woods when you need them like they do in Snow White (even though the friends she makes are cute animals and dwarfs). Has anyone else seen “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts? Loved it.

What else have I been getting up to? hmmm…Oh! I FINALLY went for a swim at my beach! The water was warmer than our pool in my backyard. How crazy is that? I haven’t gone swimming in the ocean since moving into our apartment because there were too many dangerous creatures lurking around that could eat or do some serious harm to me. When I went to the water this time, there were so many people already swimming so I figured the likelihood of becoming something’s lunch was slim to none. I put on my brave face and went up to my NECK! Now I want to go every other day. I’m trying to convince Jord to take 1 day off from his placement this week to come with me. “I’m wishing” in my wishing well.

Now for my outfit of the week. I paired a flowy pleated skirt with my silk floral Zara blouse. It’s airy and light for the hot hot hot weather we’ve been having. I’ve been really trying to work with what I already have in my wardrobe without purchasing new clothes every fort night for my outfit posts. It’s been dreadfully hard as shopping makes me happy (like REALLY happy) but this week I conquered that goal.


Felt Hat – BCBG / Blouse – Zara / Pleated Skirt – thrifted / Rose Gold Watch – Michael Kors / Leopard print clutch – gifted from mom / Suede Booties – Kmart

Have a happy week everyone!

Rebecca Janelle



3 thoughts on “do a little twirl

  1. Beckers! Good on ya, gal! I know its hard to put yourself out there when trying to make new friends, but this will hit you in stages throughout your life. I am so proud of you and your fortitude while being away from the security of all you once knew. You are a woman of character!!! xo Aunty Barb

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