Giveaway !!


Happy Monday ya’ll !  I am so excited to host the first giveaway on our blog!  Now, most of you who follow other blogs know that either well known companies or up and coming companies team up with bloggers for advertising and host giveaways for their readers.  Well, we are still building our blog, and we are hoping our following does expand to host legit giveaways…but until then…the giveaways will be made by…well…me!!

Call me a grandma, but last Christmas I had some very trendy and fun girlfriends teach me how to crochet.  I have loved creating things like scarves, headbands, and my favourite design yet is the cell phone cozy.  I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from Pinterest and other blogs, but I am pleased to say that this idea is all me.  One evening while watching a show with my hubby I started crocheting away and came up with this slick little pocket to protect my much loved iphone.  I didn’t realize how much I would love this new invention, but now I can’t live without it.  I have dropped my phone so many times only to have it saved by this little cozy, and when I am fishing around in my not-so-neat-purse, all I have to do is feel for my fuzzy cozy and I have quickly found my phone!  I have gotten lots of comments, and compliments, and even some people asking if I sell these.  So I decided to start with a giveaway!!

All you have to do is:

  1. Share our blog on your Facebook. (If you click on the comment bubble, and scroll to the bottom you will see a Facebook share option)
  2. Comment below that you have done so, and which colour you like best.
  3. On Friday I will do a draw, and the lucky winner will have this snazzy little cell phone cozy delivered to their mailbox! (This giveaway is open to ALL of our readers from all over the world)



Good Luck !
Jillian Marie

15 thoughts on “Giveaway !!

  1. Done and done! I love the orange, and the blue, and the orange, and the blue….oh, they’re both wonderful! You are on creative lady! Luv ya!

  2. I love your design! I too am a crocheter. Isn’t it fun to see what you can come up with with just a hook and some yarn?

  3. Jill i adore these little phone cases! Ive never seen anything like it… thats why!! I have to say the baby blue is my fav… Love you dolly! I hope i win!!!!!! 😀

  4. Hi, Jillian Marie. I write from El Salvador. Already shared your post on Facebook. I want to participate in your giveaway, and I preffer the yellow (gold) phone cozy.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Hey Jill (and Becki) I love love love your blog!!! It looks amazing! I won’t enter this draw to increase the odds for other’s to win. But my birthday is in December Jill….hint hint….xoxoxoxo

  6. Shared on Facebook. I love both colors, not picky. I hope if I win I get a personal visit (at a mutual coffee shop) with my favorite PDPer 🙂 Miss you!!!!

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