Deck The Halls

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I hope that the holidays are treating you well. As for moi, my Christmas has been blissful. Heaps of fun filled extravaganza’s, including the Vancouver Christmas train, the German Christmas Market, and of course a Christmas play. Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve – my absolute FAVORITE day of the entire year! I come from a German family, so our tradition is that we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. I know it’s not how most of the world does it, but to me, it’s extra special. Everything is lit up so magically at night and the lights on the tree just glow!

We have been staying with my darling sister Brittany, at her and her hubby’s new home. Brittany is so talented at not only decorating herself (as she always looks gorgeous), but her home too. This Christmas I asked if I could feature her and her home and I’m incredibly glad she said yes. I’m excited to be sharing this with you all. She has such an amazing way of making her home feel so warm and it seriously gets you in the spirit of the season. Her traditional, vintage style has won me over. I love her sweet hints of silver and gold metallic among the crispness of vintage white. She loves to shop for her decor at Restoration Hardware, The Little White House, Pottery Barn, and Home Sense. Hope you like it as much as I do!


Dress-Zara / Necklace-BCBG / Watch-Michael Kors / Shoes-Zara / Bracelet-Urban Outfitters / Lipstick-Musky Amethyst

Happy Holidays friends!

Rebecca Janelle



Home for the Holidays

I cannot believe we’ve already embarked on our 29hr travel day home to Vancouver. One more flight after this until I see my family and friends, who I haven’t seen in almost a year! It seems as though I’ve been counting down the days for so long that now that it’s actually happening, it seems surreal.

As I sit on this ridiculously long plane ride, I’ve been reflecting on what the year’s been like. We have come a looooong way. I remember sitting on this exact flight going the opposite direction, with not a clue of what was on the other side. I was terrified and a little excited for an adventure, but I was mostly emotionally exhausted from saying goodbye to my main people. I slept almost the entire flight over to Cairns without a sleeping pill. Well, I am so happy I’m on the flip side now, coming back to catch up and celebrate Christmas and New Years with them all. However, now I can’t sit still! I’m just too excited.

In honour of travelling, I’ve put an outfit together that’s chic and I think is very Mary-Kate Olsen, yet still incredibly comfortable for any long travel days.

I had to take into account that I’ll be going from 37-degree weather to 5 degrees and under, so I chose a lot of basic shaded pieces so that it’s easy to layer! A few of my personal travel staples include, a jersey maxi skirt, which is always an elegant and comfortable choice. A hat to hide my pillow pasted hair. A pair of boots – and why not be a diva and make them heeled?  A plain white t-shirt, some arm candy and red lips of course, just to spice things up!

Bon Voyage!!


Maxi Skirt-H&M / T-Shirt-ASOS / Hat-BCBG / Purse-BCBG / Snake vest-Kmart / Blazer-Zara

Rebecca Janelle


Christmas Crafts…take 3

First of all, I just want to say it is so good to be back!  I too have been quite busy here in Vancouver as I am just finishing up my first semester as a student teacher.  Let me tell ya…teaching is hard work!!  I have a new found respect for all of the teachers in my life – You.Are.Amazing.

So now that I am finding more spare time here and there, I decided to do some christmas crafts.  As you all know by now I love getting crafty and I get some great inspiration and ideas from Pinterest.  I decided to embark on some pins that had been lingering around my boards for awhile that I had yet to try.  I’ll be really honest here, I had two epic fails and one craft that turned out rather cute.  So I’ll start the Christmas season off with these…I hope you like…and I hope you try!!


I made these gift tags with 3 every day ingredients.  Here is the recipe:

* 2 cups all-purpose flour

* 1 cup salt

* 3/4 cup water

Mix these three ingredients together, slowly adding the water until you have a workable dough. Roll it out, cookie-cutter it out, and bake at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes.


Simply. Easy. Cute.


I then got out my stamps and sharpie and went to work decorating.  I loved the simplicity of a letter on the small tags to represent family members.

These little birdies turned out to be my favourite…


 Make sure when you are punching out your shapes that you take a straw or toothpick (for the small circles) and punch out a hole to thread your string through.

Add them to a gift, or even hang them on your tree.  Other ideas to jazz them up would be to add sparkles to your dough before you bake it, or a little dab of food colouring.  How fun!

So far this season: Christmas Crafts – 2 … Jillian – 1

But sometimes it takes a few funny fails to get an outcome you truly love.



Jillian Marie

ps.  Rebecca and I are re-united in 7 DAYS!!!!

Fashionably Late

Im back!! Did you miss me? First of all, I need to apologize for our absence. The past few weeks have been like a whirlwind for me – in a good way!

A few weeks ago I got a call  from Louis Vuitton out of the blue glorious sky, asking for an interview! My resumé came across the manager’s desk again 10 months after applying there. The moment we sat down for an interview and got to know one another and she introduced me to the world of Louis Vuitton, I knew this would be such a blessing if I got the position! What they could offer me, and the opportunities available is exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t even have to ask for it. After a few days of hoping and praying, they called me back with wonderful news! So as I’ve started this new path I’ve also had to finish up at the Shangri La and in the process was working 2 jobs for the past couple of (long) weeks. Although Ill miss the people I’ve met at the hotel, I’m really excited about this new opportunity that seems to have fallen so nicely into my lap. So here I am again back into the world of fashion that I’ve been missing so much, and I could not be happier! Merry Christmas to moi!

AND Merry Christmas to YOU! Because I’ve been completely M.I.A. for the past 2 weeks, I’ve decided to treat you with two outfits this week.
Número Uno- beach day! This was my honey and I’s first day off together in months and we made the most of it by soaking up the rays and being complete beach bums. It was glorious.


Sunglasses – ASOS / Dress – Kensie

Número dos- date night! I love pairing a casual boyfriend blouse with my leopard skirt. Juxtaposing pieces makes me giddy. I attempted Heidi braids for the first time a little while ago and loved it, they give a fun and edgy feel for any outfit. I’ve been wearing these braids with my casual outfits too. It’s nice for running around town too because it spices up a simple outfit and is so unexpected!


Earrings – Aldo / Blouse – Sportsgirl / Leopard Skirt – Kmart / Nude Wedge – Aldo / Black Fringe Bag – H&M

Have a good week everyone!

Rebecca Janelle