Together Alas


This Holiday season it has been so great reuniting and catching up with one another after an entire year. We had so much fun finally being able to work together on our blog and being able to shoot these pictures as a team, thanks to our faithful photographers (our husbands). We have some great posts that we’ve been working on yet to come!

For my outfit, I (Rebecca) was really looking forward to sharing my thrift store find. My gold metallic blouse was found at “Love Lucy” in Cairns. It’s was the perfect top for the Christmas/Holiday season. I bought it a few sizes too big, so I took it in a bit in the arms and voila! It was a perfect fit. I was so happy with it and I got my wear out of it. As for my leather pant/legging, these were purchased online at Esther Boutique. I was also in need of a new pair of glasses this year, and I found this sweet pair by Dolce & Gabbana’s at Lenscrafters. I fell in love with the hipster, cat-eye look.

One of my (Jillian) favorite things is when Rebecca goes through my closet and dresses me.  This is exactly what happened for this photo shoot and I was so thrilled with what she picked out.  It is amazing what a different set of eyes can pull out of your closet and made me wish we were roommates so I could get this treatment every morning.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Dress – Forever21 / Blazer – Charlotte Russe / Necklace – Charlotte Russe / Shoes – Zara


Blouse – Vintage via Love Lucy / Faux Leather Pants – Esther Boutique / Shoes – Zara / Lipstick – Nicki Minaj  via MAC / Specs – Dolce & Gabbana via Lenscrafters


Rebecca Janelle and Jillian Marie


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