Faux et Snow

Sorry that my beautiful Jillian is not in these pictures. I know that she makes my pictures so much more fun with her gorgeousness, but you’re gonna be stuck with boring old me again for another year! Yes, back to the grind. I have my first shift back at work today, and although I’m excited to get back into the swing of things, I can’t help to be a little disappointed that Jord and I’s holiday (which we anticipated and obsessed over so much) is already over. It went by so quickly – sigh. We had so much fun these past weeks in Vancouver, visiting with our beloved family and friends. Honestly, our time there was packed full trying to get quality time in with everyone, but we enjoyed it every waking moment! I feel truly blessed to have been given that time and I wouldn’t have changed the craziness of it all for anything.

Today I am posting some pictures of my favorite winter cape from Zara. I love texture, all the colors, and how it goes with absolutely everything in my closet. I took these pictures beside the Okanagan Lake in Kelowna. I’m dreaming that I’m back in them in real life. I’d kill to run around in the cold snow again. It’s 8:00 am in Cairns, and it’s already 30 degrees / 78% humidity! I’m already close to perspiring (EWWW), and to top it off our air conditioner has decided to just not work anymore. It’s definitely summer time here!!!


Black Felt Hat – Sportsgirl / Rose gold Watch – Michael Kors / Fringe Boots – Kensie / Knitted Cape – Zara / Faux Fur aka:”The Animal” as I like to call it – H&M / Lipstick color – “Adora” by Kat Von D via Sephora

Rebecca Janelle



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