Channelling my inner Trump


This week I decided to venture into the world of gold leafing.  I’ll be honest, it was time consuming and not the most affordable craft I have embarked on, but the end result was just too cute to be true.  

Here is what you will need:

  •   Balloons
  •   Newspaper
  •   Mod Podge
  •   Foam paint brush for painting the white paint, and normal paint brush for the   adhesive.

Step one:  Mod Podge strips of newspaper onto a blown up balloon.  Depending  on the size you want your bowls is the size you should make your balloon.  Let this dry over night.



In the morning, when the Mod Podge is good and dry, pop the balloons and peel the bowl away from it.  You will end up with some rough edges, so cut your bowl down to size like you see in the picture below:


Next I painted the whole bowl white, which is not pictured, but you can picture it.

Then came the tricky part.  With a small paint brush spread metal leaf adhesive onto the inside of your bowl.  Take a piece of Gold Leaf and place it inside.  Your Gold Leaf with overlap, perhaps rip, but it is ok!  Just work with it and stick it in the bald places as you go.  Each bowl took about 4 pieces of Gold Leaf.


After your bowl is leafed to your liking, let it dry and finally add the Metal Leaf sealer to secure it in place.  And ta da !


I absolutely love these little gold gems, and am dreaming of other things I can stick this beautiful Gold Leaf to!  The next time you walk into my home and you think you have stepped into Donald Trumps penthouse suite you will know why.  Gold everywhere.  Pretty everywhere.  Just how the Donald and I like it. 

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Jillian Marie


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