Oh Deer It’s Valentine’s

I know it’s practically the day of love and I’m wearing a deer sweater in these pictures, but life’s been flying by these past weeks, so it’s all I got! I thought I’d bust out the last set of photos I took while I was in Vancouver. This was my favorite knit sweater that I ordered from Romwe (here). I wore it for much of the holidays. Romwe has so many wonderful things, I wanted to order everything!

Well, top of the mornin’ to my fellow Canadians, and sweet dreams to my Aussie people! Time for me to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Sweater – Romwe / Red Dress – Kensie / Pink Jewel Necklace – H&M / Purse – Urban Outfitters / Lipstick – Cyber from MAC / Leopard Pumps – Kensie

Rebecca Janelle



One thought on “Oh Deer It’s Valentine’s

  1. Beautiful . . . as ever . . . as always!! 🙂 A whole lot of L O V E right back at ya, Rebecca . . . and for Jordan too 🙂

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