Knob you didn’t

Life has been crazy.  Like craaaaayzay crazy.  I am in the middle of my teaching practicum that keeps me busy all day and all night and these days, all weekend long.  My hubby is in the middle of his busiest rotation for Medical School, and we just plop our heads on our pillows at night and dream of the good ‘ol carefree days…and anticipate the next break we get.  Which isn’t until Easter.  If he gets the time off.

I didn’t want to miss a week on ze blog, and found this DIY that I did last summer, but didn’t have a chance to share.  It’s easy, fun, and affordable!  My sister-in-law made one that she uses at her front door to hang their coats, I use it for jewellery storage…but just think, store your scarves, purses, belts – the options are endless!


So here is what you will need:

  • Piece of wood (I found mine in the garbage pile of a construction site = free.99)
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint of your choice
  • Dresser knobs (I found 4 of mine at thrift stores, approx $0.25 each!!!)
  • Screws


 First I sanded down the wood, then painted it with two coats of white paint.  After the paint was dry I used my sandpaper again to give it a distressed look.


I then measured out my knob placement and screwed the screws in from the back of the wood, making sure they stuck up just enough to screw the knob on.


I really wanted a crystal knob as the final one, and looked high and low at every thrift store I entered, with no luck.  I was thrilled with the four that I had found, and excited that they tallied up to only just over a dollar.  I spruced two of them up with some nail polish and loved the result.


And then I bit the bullet and went to RONA where I found the perfect crystal add.  It was worth the splurge of $4.99, and I feel really completed the look.


And there ya have it folks, I know what you are thinking – knob you didn’t Jillian…a rack of knobs for under $10.00.  And yes I did.


Amongst the craziness of life, I am thankful for the opportunity that both my hubby and I have to pursue our dreams.  And when I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed I get a little kick from the tiny prince or princess that is growing inside of me, and all my worries fade away.


Jillian Marie


4 thoughts on “Knob you didn’t

  1. Absolutely wonderful idea, Rebecca! and – YES! LOVE your blog!! Love to you and Jordan. You are in our hearts and prayers, for sure 🙂

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